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Solar and Wind Power Absorption

With the continuous increase of the peak-to-valley difference rate of electricity load of the utility grid, peak regulation of grid becomes increasingly difficult. Especially in some countries or regions where the proportion of secondary industry is low, due to the lower daily load rate and higher peak-to-valley difference rate of the daily load curve for the tertiary industry and the residents, the annual maximum peak-to-valley difference rate has reached 55% or more, and the load peak-to-valley difference brings huge demand for peak regulation.

The rapid expansion of installed capacity of new energy generation caused continually increasing of the proportion of new energy generation, but the utilization rate of new energy generation shows a gradual decline. In the case of the poor flexibility of cross-area DC operation mode, it is urgent to enhance the local absorption capacity of new energy generation to improve the utilization rate of new energy. 




Power Shortage Areas Off-grid Microgrid


The Off-grid Microgrid launched by Vilion for remote areas without electricity can easily solve the electricity supply problems there through distributed power generation units + energy storage systems without huge construction capital and time costs. The Microgrid can also be relocated with the user's relocation, and has the characteristics of less cost, less construction period, higher investment return, convenient operation and maintenance, clean and eco-friendly energy supply.

For areas with insufficient utility power supply, Vilion's Microgrid can seamlessly switch between on-grid and off-grid modes in milliseconds, enabling loads to preferentially use clean distributed energy, and store the excess energy in ESS as backup, to help users save electricity bills and improve the utilization efficiency of clean energy. When the clean energy is insufficient, the utility grid or diesel generators will power the normal operation of the load, so that power shortage areas always have sufficient backup power and reliable power supply.

Power Shortage Areas Off-grid Microgrid System Diagram



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